Photo: Lilly Meuser

Greta was born in Berlin.

She obtained Bachelor’s degree in Psychology whilst pursuing her early interest in film and photography. After graduating in 2022, she decided to fully commit to her artistic ambitions. 

She is working as camera operator, camera assistant, video designer and photographer in various film and theatre productions, as well as with AG Kurzfilm, the German short film association, whilst pursuing personal experimental still and moving image projects. She is co editor of independent arts zine THE CAMBRIDGE CULT.

In her work, she wilfully abandons the analytically categorizing scientific gaze and investigates more intuitive forms of insight and communication, through (abstract) image, sound and word, forever trying to find forms of connectedness and trace the edges of reality. A collective, empathetic, power-critical and continuously self-reflective practise is essential to her.


email her: gmarkurt at gmail dot com